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Different parts of the body are controlled by the electrical activity coming from different parts of the brain.

An epileptic seizure happens because of a disruption of the electrical activity in the brain. Seizures can vary enormously one from another because the brain does such a huge range of jobs. What happens in the seizure depends on where in the brain this unusual burst of electrical activity happens.

Different types of seizures

Everyone’s epilepsy is unique to them (since there are over 40 different types of seizures, that’s not surprising). But there are two main types of seizure: ‘generalised seizures’ and 'focal (or partial) seizures'.

Generalised seizures

In this type, the whole brain is affected by the abnormal electrical disturbance (think brain storm and you’re about there) and the person becomes unconscious of their surroundings.

generalised seizures, also known as grand mal epilepsy

Focal (partial) seizures

Focal (from the word for a fixed point) means the seizure comes from one particular part of the brain. What the seizure looks like depends on where exactly in the brain it stems from, and what it controls. With these seizures the person can become confused and disorientated, but will not lose consciousness.

focal or partial seizures, used to be known as an epileptic fit

Bilateral convulsive seizure

A bilateral convulsive seizure is when a focal seizure progresses and turns into a generalised seizure.

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If you think your child is suffering from Seizures you MUST!!! seek medical help as soon as possible.  

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