Monday, 24 March 2014


Hi, my name is Susie and iv made this blog to let people know our story and other peoples story who are just like us. It all started about a year ago when my little girl was born. She was born with extremely dry skin, she was so dry her skin was totally white and flaky. When we got over the shock of how dry her skin was we started noticing little blisters all over her skin, she was covered in them. My angel was back and forward from the doctors with this skin condition and nobody seemed to be able to tell us what it was, she was given cream after cream to try and fight the blisters, but nothing worked. The last visit we had to the doctors was a bad one, it was a new doctor we seen and she seemed extremely worried about the blisters and sent her right up to children's ward. At children's ward it was awful, she was put in a side ward in case she was contagious. Looking back now I can understand why they did this but back then it was extremely frightening.  The doctor we seen told us he thought our angel had the herpes  virus and  again gave us some cream and told us to come back  in a couple of days which we did.This time  we were given some medicine (which I cant for the life of me remember what it was called). We went home and we were giving our angel this medicine and things seemed to look like they were looking up, but by night time came our angel became extremely ill.

Thanks for reading, more of our story to follow soon,

Susie xx

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