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Melody's Story

The last week of feb. We found out we was expecting our 3rd baby (have a 3yr old,&had a miscarriage in 10/2011.) Due date was October 24, i bled twice 1st semester one at 6 weeks& other time at 10 weeks. I got us done at 6 weeks &was told there was no proof of pregnancy tested positive but no embryo i was pretty sure i was miscarrying or already had... 3 days later i went back to check hcg levels and they were rising! I was so happy i wasn't miscarrying :)my miracle baby :) so through out pregnancy i felt nauseated only gained 15pds! I had developed gestational diabetes(no fun) but everything was going great! I did notice my daughter hardly moved i told dr but was told everything is fine. I had scheduled csec for the 17th i had contractions but was false labour. The 17th finally arrived we was so excited.

Melody Noemi was born at 8:26am weighing 7pds 4oz! 21 inches long! Looking exactly like her brother! She was soo perfect! I did notice she had like a rash mostly on all her body dr said not to worry its normal but rare. Till this day she's a great baby hardly fuses and only cry when she's hungry.

On November 18 my daughter didn't wasn't eating well i noticed her strange she cried all day&night hardly slept :( i thought maybe she had colics and blamed it on something i ate since i was breastfeeding all night she cried i did everything to soothe her she didn't want to eat but i did try feeding her she probably went without eating for 6 hours or more...

On November 19, she went to her 1 month check up.she weighed 10pds already (ebf). That day was like any ordinary day for us we went shopping for clothes &i noticed dd was twitching alot and mostly on left. I kept an eye on it &it continued now&then i told my bf i called dr he said to hold her to see if itll stop, i told him i had already did & it continued, he then told me to bring her in.I brought her into his office and right away he told me she's having a seizure. I was in schock hearing those words how can a small innocent baby can b having a seizure? He dialed 911 &right away we got transferred to hospital...once there they asked if she's had a fever i told them no. I remember them trying to put an iv but no luck she was very dehydrated they found a good vein in her forhead :( i was hopping they wouldn't put it there, they had to do something diffetently they put some type of needle thru her bone on leg to insert seizure medication fast(they left it on there for 2 days) i wasn't there when they did that i had to leave the room :( i could hear her crying it was so weak :( lots of questions ran thru my head... We Then told we was getting transferred to a bigger hospital an hr away on my way over there i called my parents keeping them updated... Once there she had a cat scan mri was told she had small hemorrhages& part of brain the blood didn't pass by :( at first the drs there told us that it could be herpes. I remember the drs tellin me that if her seizures couldn't be controlled that they would have to put her on a machine to breath for her. They told me she had a bit of brain damaged :(

The next 2 days a neoroligist was called in came and looked at her "rash" which had turned brown like swirls a couple days after birth he then talked to us about her diagnose. He diagnosed her with incontinental pigmenti syndrome a rare genetic disorder can affect skin hair teeth. They did some labs&till this day still waiting for results. When i first was told i blamed god asking why her why did this happen what did i do wrong :( it hurts me soo bad she has to go thru this such a sweet baby girl... Ive noticed since she was Born she hardly smiles even till this day she is very serious looking she has this sad look in her eyes my parents even noticed :(She had an eye check up since it can deattach retina? Eyesight looks great! She started cooing kicking away so alert all the time pretty laid back she weighs now 15pds 12oz chunky mama!

She came home on phenobarbital for her not to get seizures one every night. at 6 months old they told me to give her half on what I was giving her and at a yr old was completely weaned off :) no seizures now

Written when she was 2 months and 2weeks old.

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