Tuesday, 25 March 2014


This is where my nightmare began, all we got off our angel was crying, she wouldn't settle, no mater what we did,  she was always a baby  who went to bed with no fuss but this night she spent most of it crying and screaming. As the night went on our Angel started getting worse and she started having seizures . we didn't really know what was happening to her if im really truthful with you all as iv never seen a baby have seizures before, but her eyes started rolling into the back of her head and she lost all focus and her jerking got worse. my first thought running through my head was that we had done this to her by giving her the medicine the doctor had given us, maybe we had given her to much and over dosed her. We phoned the hospital for help and they told us to take her in to be seen by a doctor. It became a rush of stress and worry while we sorted out child care for the other children and rush our Angel to the hospital. once there they took one look at her and sent her right to children's ward, she was sill having extremely bad fits and getting really distraught. This is when they hooked her up to a drip and started pumping all kind of drugs into her. And she was in for the night. They tried every blood text they could think of and decided there wasn't much more they could do for her and sent her over to a different hospital , a hospital that was bigger and better and could do more for her. Once there things were all doom and gloom, she was hooked up to every machine you can think of. she hadn't opened her eyes over  24 hours. The only good thing was a drug they had given her had stopped the seizures  but they thought if they took her off it she might start having them again. I can remember talking to the doctors at his new hospital and his  words still ring in my ears to this day, he said "she is that ill, I cant guarantee she is going to make it". It felt like my world was ending there and then.

Thanks for reading ill have more of our story soon. below are some videos of our angel and her seizures, only watch if your not easily upset as they are very upsetting.

Susie. xx

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