Saturday, 29 March 2014


This is a story from another lady Who has had to deal with her little Angel having Incontinentia Pigmenti. 

This is about my daughter Kendyll. She was born on November 12, 2012.
Everything looked ok at birth. A little red in her face, but could've just been a newborn rash. At 2 weeks old her arm broke out like the picture in the middle. I brought her to St. Joseph's women’s hospital, they looked at me as if I held her in hot water, and she was admitted that day.
We stayed for a week and I finally mentioned to one of the doctors there that my twin and I were born with IP. I didn't 
think I had it still.. I mean I have no affects from it so it didn't even cross my mind.
Only one doctor knew what IP was and she called a dermatologist. I was sent straight there and that's when they did two skin biopsy on her leg which is when she was diagnosed with Incontinentia Pigmenti. From that day as you see her skin has gone through many MANY changes. From blisters on her hands,legs,feet..etc.and only 3 teeth up until the time she turned 15months (one being peg shaped.)
Thankfully as of today she only shows skin pigmentation and a few problems with her 5 teeth. She's 18 months old!! She's a walker, talker (man can she talk/try to talk), but most of all like all of our children she's a FIGHTER! One thing I want to make sure she knows, as well as all of these kids, is how beautiful and special they matter what life throws at them

I want to thank Kimberly for sharing her story with us, I think the more of us who is brave enough to share with us the more we can spread the word and hopfuly help more people deal with Incontinentia Pigmenti.  And maybe the more people do the more research  will be done to help our Angels. 

                   THANK YOU KINMBERLY

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