Sunday, 14 September 2014


 This is a poem written by a young lady who suffers from Incontinentia Pigmenti. Its a beautiful poem  that had me moved and brought tears to my eyes. Its a poem that every IP angel can relate to, and I just felt the need to share.

The brown sploges, the blistered hands, each mark a special kiss from god, rare marks, that are meant just for you. You are unique. the stripes, you earn from the battle in yourself the way you let people know you're not like the others, only a little shows on the outside, but a thunderstorm within, because no one ever understands One in a million, silent illness, present only in the way you see yourself the way you stare at the brown spots on your arm and try everything to fix the crooked teeth and you think that society will not know your true beauty theres a light, and it comes in the people who share your journey those who have been through and gotten stronger faraway friends, who will always be the comfort blanket, wrapped around shoulders when the dark days come and you know that to them, the beauty is you you're stronger than you've ever known the brown sploges and streaks will always be a sign, that you too are one of the rare ones part of a family that needs no connection, other than that same old gene that means we are all different, but the same in journey. we may be different, but my god, we are strong, and the rare bond that comes when someone is your angel the one you turn to when you need a friend will always be found here, in our family

we are selling Tshirts to raise money for IP, if you want to help then please follow the link below and buy one. If you cant afford to buy one we totally understand but maybe you could share the link and show your friends and family . every little helps. and we are grateful to all who if willing to show these angels a bit of kindness.


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