Monday, 15 December 2014

One of the ways IP can affect adults.

Well everyone seems to talk a lot about how IP affects  children and you don't hear much how it affects adults, well these pictures where sent to me by a good friend and a lady who was born with IP.
for a long time now she has suffered with tumours growing in her fingers and she has had to get a couple of her fingers amputated . well just the other day she went into surgery to have a knuckle replacement in hope that this stops more tumours growing in her finger, so she doesn't have to loose another one.This is just one of the things that can affect adults. So as you can see it inst just children who suffer with this condition, and It is a bit up setting to think that the future is so unsure for these amazing and strong children and we will always have to play a waiting game to see what part of IP is going to affect them and when.


I want to send my love to my friend and hope that she is getting better and let her know I hope she inst in to much pain. and big thanks for sharing with us.

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