Friday, 8 August 2014


My biggest fear had come true when I passed IP along to my daughter. She began to blister at 1 day old. She wound up in the nicu for 7 days for dehydration. The nurses were afraid of her because the blisters got so bad so quickly. It was heartbreaking. We did see an opthamologist when she was 3 weeks old and all is still fine with her eyes thank goodness. She has the typical pegged teeth and missing several which I have been lucky enough ti find a dentist which has dealt with IP before-3 hour drive but so worth it. Vivyan is extremely intelligent and it's hard to believe she has been through so much and the lifetime of issues that may arise. Just knowing I will have to explain to her about the possibility of passing it along to her children break my heart! All of our angels are so beautiful 

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