Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Well Im sorry its been a while since I last posted. Things have been kind of crazy here. My little one hasn't been all that well.  She has been teething and not sleeping which most of you with small children will understand. but things  got even more complicated  and her hand and arm have started swelling. some days its not so noticeable  and then other days her arm looks like a balloon. also last weekend my Angel had another seizure which has left us all worried. as the week has gone on my little angel has become more her self again and is happy again, big smiles are back. but we are still a little worried how everything has happened all at once. We are now waiting for word off the hospital for her  to go and get some tests done.
My doctor is also doing some of his own tests to try and find out why her hand and  arm keeps swelling and he leaning towards kidney problems but we wont know for sure until tests are done.
After finding out what the doctor was thinking I asked some of the other mums dealing with IP to see if they have heard of anything like kidney problems have occurred in IP children/adults before and sadly it seems to be so. I was given a link to a case study done on this kind of thing which ill post below for anyone who wants do read it. As I wait for tests to be done Im going to have to keep reminding my self that nothing has been confirmed and I could be worrying for nothing. And I probably am as my princess is back to seeming normal and you wouldn't think there was anything wrong with her.


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